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Caring for your Knitwear

Woodward & Davey knitwear can be worn and enjoyed for many years, even decades. Keep your garment in good condition by following the correct washing procedures. 

Hand Knitted and Boiled Wool Garments:

Hand Knitted and Boiled Wool can be carefully hand washed in lukewarm water using a gentle detergent such as Stergene or similar. Rinse in fresh lukewarm water, repeating if necessary until there are no suds. Carefully squeeze the water out with your hands, but do not ring or twist the garment. 

Once excess water has been gently squeezed out of the garment you can either continue to dry by hand or spin it in the washing machine. To hand press, place the garment flat onto a large towel, then cover with a second towel and press excess moisture out with your hands. Alternatively, you can carefully place it inside an old pillow case and put it on a short spin cycle in the washing machine. Afterwards, ease the garment back into the size and shape it was, and allow to finish drying flat on a clean surface (i.e. a table top).

Indigo Dyed Cotton:

Indigo Dyed Cotton and Ecru can be washed at 30 degrees in a conventional washing machine with similar colours. Avoid placing Indigo Dyed Cotton with light colours for the first few washes in case of colour leaching. 

Indigo Dyed Cotton knitwear is designed to age like denim. The process or wearing and washing your garment causes friction on the cotton fibres, slowly exposing the lighter coloured inner fibres and changing the appearance of your garment over time.